Department of general and abdominal surgery ARTMED MRC

Department of general and abdominal surgery “ARTMED” MRC

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About the department

The department was founded in 2004 after the formation of the "Kanaker-Zeytun" Medical Center on the grounds of the former city hospital No. 8. Since June 2009, the department has been functioning as "ArtMed" Medical Rehabilitation Center (MRC). The department has 11 wards with 26 beds. It is staffed with highly skilled specialists - 5 surgeons and а chemotherapist. The department also provides chemotherapeutic consultation.

The main function of the department is the treatment of surgical and oncological diseases. The department operates around the clock, providing qualified and specialized emergency and planned surgery for various pathologies.

Much attention is paid to achieving a satisfactory outcome of treatment and proper quality of life in the department. In this regard, both mild surgical techniques (laparoscopy, harmonic scalpel, linear and circular staplers) and methods for the provision of sufficient space in oncological resections (combined resections, extended lymphodissections) are implemented. Different kinds of reconstructive surgery with or without the formation of reservoirs are conducted to improve the quality of life after extensive resections of the abdominal cavity.

The department has significant clinical materials on the basis of which research is carried out on various issues in oncology and surgery. Graduates of Yerevan State Medical University undergo postgraduate training in the department.

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Department of general and abdominal surgery


Address:   Tsarav Aghbyur 55a,
                    Kanaker, Yerevan, Armenia

  Phone:   [+374] 10 62 17 90